PlayStation 4 to run PS1/PS2 Game with a Software Emulation

PlayStation 4 to run PS1/PS2 Game with a Software Emulation

We have just learned that the PlayStation 4 will soon emulate old games from Sony consoles, while enjoying a graphic treatment to match the resolution of today's screens.

Most unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 is said to be not backwards compatible with old games from Sony consoles. However, the Japanese manufacturer has provided a monetizable solution with the acquisition of Gaikai technology to make streaming video games.

Renamed as PlayStation Now, this online service is reserved for the time stamped for PlayStation 3 games. Moreover, the private beta to test the functionality begins to develop, as some people have already received invitations.

A "well-placed" in the streaming service from Sony source revealed some interesting elements to the website Digital Foundry. Also, he stated that the PSone and PS2 games are designed to be emulated on the PlayStation 4 with an integrated console emulation device.

In addition, the source pointed to a strong possibility that these games enjoy a graphic enhancement in HD resolution to adapt games to our existing screens. The treatment is similar to that of PC emulators  for Sony consoles.


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