Pebble Smartwatch now opened its own App Store

Pebble Smartwatch now opened its own App Store

If we had yet another boost to the Pebble to seduce the public, it has just come in the form of a market dedicated to the smartwatch applications.

Pebble Watch is now really intelligent and scalable, with the release of a contract application entirely devoted to it, accessible from the Apple iOS platform (Android in beta).

The smartwatch which has been successful since its introduction to the public of Kickstarter investors should soon be broken in a version with a metal frame, but today, it is the software part that is under the spotlight.

So far, features and updates of the watch is made by Watchfaces that can be downloaded from the Internet. Today, for everyone this application is free for download from the specific market and add all the features available to its own shows.

The market is integrated with the companion application of the watch, so just put the app that communicates to the pebble smartphone to date, and to seek reserved for downloading apps portion of Pebble. For now, the market offers hundred applications, broken down into several sections: games, utilities and home screens.

There is also a "wardrobe" that keeps track of all applications downloaded from the market, and for good reason, the watch can store directly 8 applications simultaneously. It will become easier to change applications on the fly, without having to upload them.

What is interesting for the future of the show is to see the investment industry leaders on the platform. We find Foursquare, Yelp or GoPro. iControl, Pandora, ESPN or even Mercedes should also be soon invited in the columns of the market. For now, the vast majority of these applications are free, but logically paid apps will soon make their appearance.


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