Microsoft pays out another $100000 as part of its bounty program

Microsoft pays out another $100000 as part of its bounty program

A second security researcher pocketed the sum of one hundred thousand dollars to have learned something new for Microsoft concerning the circumvention of security protection on Windows 8.1.

Computer security researcher at NSFocus Security Labs, Yang Yu is the second person after James Forshaw pocketing 100000 dollars from Microsoft.

According to the wording of the Bug Bounty program initiated by Microsoft on June 26, this tidy sum is supposed to reward Yang Yu for innovative operating technique capable to bypass protections in Windows 8.1.

However, a spokesman for Microsoft said in Threatpost payment to Yang Yu is slightly different insofar as it relied for its achievement on three variants of known techniques. However, Microsoft has "learned something new" which will be helpful in strengthening the defenses of Windows 8.1.

The Redmond company has converted late to bug hunting programs through which direct payments are offered in exchange for the discovery of certain types of vulnerabilities and exploitation techniques.

Until the end of July 2013, this program was also in effect for critical vulnerabilities in what was at the time the pre-release of Internet Explorer 11.

To date, Microsoft has spent more than 253,000 dollars for problems identified in Windows 8.1 and the pre-release of IE11.


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