HTC smartwatch to come in Mobile World Congress next week

HTC smartwatch to come in Mobile World Congress next week

HTC will demonstrate a smartwatch connected to the MWC 2014 in Barcelona.

Like many other manufacturers, HTC relies on gadgets connected to power a battered by the slowdown in sales growth of smartphones. The manufacturer has already confirmed that it was preparing accessories in the young field of wearable computing, without revealing too much at the moment.

Bloomberg says the company will demonstrate a watch connected at the MWC 2014 in Barcelona, being the first of a series of three gadgets that the manufacturer intends to launch during the year.

It will be a prototype based on the watch TOQ Qualcomm unveiled at the IFA in September 2013 and serves precisely to the reference product for manufacturers wishing to enter this niche.

The product will not be shown publicly but it will be presented to HTC partners, including operators, for an upcoming marketing.

Bloomberg says that the manufacturer is also working on a project shows connected with AMOLED screen, Android and using the Google Now service, as well as an bracelet accessory for playing music and for tracking of physical activity, but these devices should not be shown during the exhibition.


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