Samsung Knox 2.0 mobile security platform unveiled

Samsung Knox 2.0 mobile security platform unveiled

To attract the corporate market, you need a secure mobile solution. Samsung continues the effort by announcing at MWC 2014 version 2.0 of its software solution in the Samsung Knox Area, present aboard in the new Galaxy S5.

In a market that is showing signs of slowdown in upscale established markets, a growth can be found in the corporate market which retains broad prospects and suffers less volatility in demand.

While BlackBerry reference loses its visibility in the sector, new players try to establish themselves. Apple adds new features for businesses for each new version of iOS while Samsung uses a Samsung Knox solution to create a secure space aboard in its devices, providing a response to the trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

The first version of this security solution posed questions about its reliability in 2013, providing the material competition to highlight the importance of security in both hardware and software.

The MWC 2014 in Barcelona is an opportunity for Samsung to announce Samsung Knox 2.0 that benefits new optimizations. System partitioned containers inside mobile products is maintained but it now has two independent secure containers, one to secure data on the company and the other for secure data with various clients, consultants or collaborators to work with multiple clients.

Applications now need to be more integrated into a container bound of Samsung Knox because changes by Google in the management of applications now allows direct control which is based on blacklists and whitelists.

The exchange of data between personal and pro spaces (contacts, appointments, notifications, etc) are more easily controlled in Samsung Knox 2.0 while security is enhanced by a real-time monitoring of the Linux kernel, secure key storage encryption (including those of third-party applications) and certificates within an integrated TrustZone in the hardware and the ability to choose their VPN provider.

To broaden this horizon, Samsung also announced Knox EMM fleet management for small and medium enterprises from a cloud solution manager identification, security policies and facility management applications, all not limited to Samsung devices and can be applied to iOS and Android devices from different manufacturers.

Finally, Knox Marketplace will be proposed to serve as a space dedicated to business applications that can be tried and purchased, with a range of applications in SaaS (Software as a Service) and promotional opportunities on volumes shopping applications.


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