Intel buys Smartwatch Maker Basis for $100m

Intel buys Smartwatch Maker Basis for $100m

The manufacturer of one of the most accurate smartwatches connected for monitoring health is ultimately redeemed by the Intel group.

There were great people to be interested in the takeover of Basis Science, creative-wise connected with a precise measurement of various physiological parameters. At a time when watches are connected to all the shows and analysts predict an explosion of uses for monitoring the activity and health, many candidates might wish to recover here a valuable skill.

But it is ultimately the Intel group that seems to have won the bet for an amount in about $100 million, the TechCrunch website said, or a little more. The U.S. giant has made wearable computing one of its strategic priorities and it was not the last to do demonstrations of gadgets connected with its partners at the CES 2014 in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Its first objective is to sell electronic components and smartwatch sensors of Basis that can complement its arsenal and it is used to prepare reference designs that can be converted into commercial products by its customers.

Rival Qualcomm did not otherwise launches a watch connected TOQ integrating a Mirasol screen and various chips and wireless technologies together in a product that can serve as the basis for a customer wishing to enter the market.


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