Download Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone 8

Download Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone 8

The application Facebook Messenger is now available for download in the Windows Phone Store. Some shortcomings in relation to the application for Android and iOS can be noticed.

Microsoft took advantage of the World Congress of mobile phones in Barcelona to announce more than 240,000 applications in the Windows Phone Store and daily addition of 500 on average. Among these additions, Facebook Messenger was due in the "coming weeks."

The instant messaging application of social network from Mark Zuckerberg is now available for Windows Phone 8 devices. Availability of the standalone application for Windows comes close now.

All Facebook friends are automatically added to a tab. With the application, a user will be able to participate in group conversations, send stickers and decorate the pictures conversations, send a private message, share its location to signal its presence to closed contacts, etc.

By cons, it lacks some features like chat heads – or bubbles discussion – which can be discussed while using other applications, and voice recordings. An application that is currently less complete than its counterpart Android and iOS.


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