‘Shaq Fu 2’ to use Indiegogo Funding; PC Only

‘Shaq Fu 2’ to use Indiegogo Funding; PC Only

Known to be one of the worst games in the history of video game, Shaq Fu will indeed return with a sequel, which is being funded through the IndieGoGo platform. The first video was unveiled to announce this game.

Originally released in 1994 on various media, Shaq Fu is known to be one of the worst video games. Hardly playable and with a rickety content, as Delphine Software featuring basketball player Shaquille O'Neal has been strongly criticized.

The rumor of Shaq Fu 2 has appeared in January through Shaquille O'Neal himself, confirming the tone of a joke suite which is in the cards.

The trend continues, as the independent studio Big Deez Productions has launched a fundraising campaign via the platform IndieGoGo. The game, called Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, offers a first trailer that shows a comic side which is finally welcomed.

It will not be a fighting game, but a beat'em all that has the distinction of being practiced in cooperation. Developers Announce halfway grip between Streets of Rage, Devil May Cry and Street Fighter.

The objective to develop the game is at $450,000. For now, the funding amounts has raised to about $32,000.

Contributors offering at least $15 will get the final power play for PC version at its output (advertised selling price is at $29.99). If funding exceeds the target above named, the title will be adapted to different consoles in the market.


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