Google to release Android SDK for wearable devices

Google to release Android SDK for wearable devices

After conquering the space of smartphones and the touch pads, Google wants to make Android dominant in the wearable computing gadgets and will offer an Android SDK.

Samsung may be exchanged with Android for Tizen on its last shows for Gear 2 but Google intends to make Android platform dominant logically for edge watches and bracelets of wearable computing.

Sundar Pichai, head of development of Android and Chrome OS, said this weekend that a development kit, or SDK, to facilitate the creation of gadgets connected, would be proposed within fifteen days.

We already know that Google is set to unveil its own watch designed connected with LG Electronics in a few weeks. Always following the economic model that made the success of Android, Google also launched its SDK for wearable products before marketing to get feedback from developers and refine the environment for you.

The challenge will be to communicate to all these different product categories. The recent acquisition of specialist automation Nest Labs is precisely to create the intermediate software layer which is required.


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