Google Now comes to Chrome for Windows and Mac

Google Now comes to Chrome for Windows and Mac

Google Now notifications arrives on the desktop or laptop via Chrome for Windows and Mac.

The notifications Google Now in Chrome for Windows, OS X and Chrome OS have already been announced by Google last month. But at the time, it was a check with the beta browser. Today, the deployment concerns the stable version of Chrome in several languages.

All users will not be served immediately. The deployment has started and will continue over the coming weeks. Users will have access to a fitness notifications symbolized by a bell icon located in the notification area for Windows or menu bar for OS X.

To receive notifications, you must be logged in to Chrome with the same Google account that is used for Google Now on Android or iOS. The maps cover weather, traffic information, sports scores, reminders of the agenda.

It is a subset of cards that shows personal assistant for the concerned and that the user sees on a mobile device via the location thereof. To summarize, the cards – or notifications – will only be visible on the computer if the user uses Google Now mobile and is connected to Chrome.

Google Now on the desktop or laptop therefore appears for the moment as a complement to the mobile version. Now need to click on the small icon bell to see if Google has a suggestion for you.


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