VLC for Windows Phone 8 first Screenshot

VLC for Windows Phone 8 first Screenshot

A first glimpse of VLC for Windows Phone has been tweeted. The subsequent availability concerns for Windows Phone 8.1.

Some days ago, VLC for Windows 8 (Modern UI environment) has appeared in a beta available via the Windows Store. A first outcome of a project that has received a waiver of participatory funds.

Bugs remain to be corrected and publications are already linked. Another phase of the initiative will be a version with support for the ARM architecture for Windows RT and Windows Phone.

The young developer Thomas Nigro, who works on the design and front-end of VLC for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1, released a screenshot of VLC for Windows Phone via a tweet:

This is a first insight and information that the application will only work on Windows Phone 8.1 and not the current version of Windows Phone 8.

A pre-release of Windows Phone 8.1 SDK is available for developers, while the general availability of the mobile operating system is expected for next week.


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