Google launches ‘right to be forgotten’ form to delete personal data

Google launches ‘right to be forgotten’ form to delete personal data

Google offers a form to remove your personal data from its search engine.

Giant Google has been conceding a reform of its operation on the many comments, both governments in individual form directly from the European Commission concerning the management of personal data of its users.

Now, you can fill out a form required by Google to remove all the search results of its engine referring to their name. But it will take the results to be "inadequate, or no longer relevant or excessive for the purposes of the processing".

In other words, if a search result on a name leads to a website whose content is deemed offensive or having disturbing page, Google will remove the link from its search engine (not the page content or Web page itself).

It is a judgment of the European Court of Justice rendered on behalf of the Directive 95/46/EC, it has been established that the search engines were responsible for the presentation of data sent to users and therefore partly responsible for the harm this may cause.

Nevertheless, the use of the application is subject to a variety of conditions. It will thus provide various information such as the countries concerned by the request, the keywords associated with search results deemed undesirable, the caller's name or title of the person who represents URLs concerned with an explanation for each as well as a copy of photo identification.

Google also limits future actions indicating like "a fair balance between the protection of the privacy of individuals and the public right to access this information and disseminate it." Clearly, if a thief uses your Facebook page for you to enjoy your company for a brothel and you are able to prove, Google agrees to remove the display of the page in question in its search engine, if you just want to make your name disappear related to social networks, do not bother thinking about it.

Google processes each request without giving onset of action, both in terms of handling the case that actions on its search engine.


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