True compatibility provided by Ares Vista to Windows 7

Ares Vista has been introduced to provide true compatibility with Windows 7. Other versions of Ares are not compatible with Windows 7 making Vista a necessity for continued higher-grade file sharing.

“Ares Vista was originally released in June 2008, but since March 2009 we’ve introduced new connectivity features to improve the performance of Ares Vista with Windows 7,” says David Nettles, Director of Communications for Espressivo Media. “Users are reporting seamless integration with the new windows software which is exactly our goal for the program.”

Ares is P2P file-sharing software that allows you to share MP3, video, images and other media files with other Ares users globally. The program combines a user-friendly interface with fast downloads to appeal to a vast market of P2P users. By utilizing content filters, Ares Vista provides only relevant search results and to avoid malicious downloads.

Originally developed in 2002, all previous versions of Ares shared the same network, communications protocol and user base. However, the Windows Vista operating system interferes with all previous versions of Ares making them unusable. While some P2P programs instruct users to turn off Vista’s increased security measures to access the program, Ares Vista has developed an alternative method of access that leaves security instruments in place.

“We’re proud to be the best choice for Windows 7,” says Nettles, “By introducing Ares Connect as part of Ares Vista, our users have perfect connectivity with the benefits of Window’s increased security as well.”


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