Facebook now offers Video Messaging to Messenger

Facebook now offers Video Messaging to Messenger

After forcing its mobile users to switch to the dedicated email, Facebook updates its Messenger application by providing photos and videos.

A few weeks ago, Facebook stated its mobile users through Facebook Messenger should be now able to enjoy discussions with their friends. A choice taken by the network who wishes to highlight its instant messaging service, but also involves better tracking of updates to the latter.

Thus, Facebook has updated its app to move it to version 6.0. A version that brings many new features to try and meet the expectations of users. Thus particularly noticed a new option to upload videos to their correspondents.

Videos should not exceed 15 seconds like Instagram, the idea being not to overload the servers or make optional means of disseminating illegal streaming. Like Instagram, you will continuously have to press the button to save the video recording. As soon as the user does not press the screen, capturing stops. Note that a single pressure can take a snapshot, convenient to not have to switch from image mode to video mode.

Also new to this version of Facebook Messenger, the ability to send "I Love" and "I love big." Again, by holding your finger on the desired box, it will be possible to serve a more or less enthusiasm marked by swelling the "Like" shared.


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