Skype for Linux 4.3 now available

Skype for Linux 4.3 now available

Microsoft offers a 4.3 version of Skype for Linux.

Updates of Skype for Linux are rare. This was already the case before the acquisition by Microsoft, for example, support for video support which arrived very late. The latest update of Skype for Linux was in May 2013, with a version 4.2.

Today it is a version 4.3, which is available at this address. It offers news appearing on other platforms for group discussions in which the system is based on the cloud. Like, as expected, whenever you do the synchronization of messages or the ability to send and receive messages when a contact is offline.

The release notes also announce alterations at the user interface, reliability improvements for file transfer when using multiple devices at the same time, improvements to accessibility, support for PulseAudio 3.0 and 4.0, and fixing bugs.

Developers also indicate that the ALSA support – Advanced Linux Sound Architecture – was abandoned and refer to the installation of PulseAudio 4.0 for better audio calls.


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