Google tests new domain name registration service

Google tests new domain name registration service

Google added a new service to its already long list. This time, it is a domain name registration service. Google Domains is currently in beta testing by invitation.

Google launches into the management of domain names. Until now, Google proposed no registration service – or hosting – domain name. In the past, companies were referred to rather buy from a partner like GoDaddy.

The Mountain View company now seems to want to take things in hand via Google Domains. For this Registrar activity, Google will however be cautious in offering first beta test invitation.

To believe Google, more moist small businesses do not have a domain name and then it is to offer them a starting point for their online presence. "Companies are able to search, find and buy the best domain transfer for their activity – Whether .com, .biz, .org or any other new domain…".

Recall that Google has filed numerous requests for custom domain names such as .blog .app . hop, .web, .android, .team, .cloud, etc.

Google Domains, however, does not include website hosting and returns to the creation to partners: Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Shopify.

Despite teasing, little information about Google Domains are currently available except for example the ability to create up to a hundred email alias with a domain and subdomains to one hundred, there is no additional charges to hide personal information, use the same DNS servers for other Google sites.


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