Google to terminate Orkut social network on Sept 30

Google to terminate Orkut social network on Sept 30

Google is going to shut its social networking website Orkut on September 30.

After Quickoffice, new notice of closure comes from Google but in a very different field. It concerns Orkut this time. Orkut was somehow the first attempt of Google in social networks, even before the failure of Google Buzz.

Orkut was launched almost at the same time as Facebook. It was best known popularly in countries like Brazil. Now, Google believes, however, that the existence of Orkut has no meaning and it is time for rationalization.

Involved, a growth that does not take the comparison with the growth of communities gathered around "YouTube, Blogger and Google+." We will focus our energy and resources to make these things as extraordinary as possible for all those who use social platforms."

Orkut will be closed on September 30. Already, it is no longer possible to create an Orkut account, but for now the operation of the social network is not altered. Those who wish can export their data and publications via the tool Google Takeout until September 2016.

On September 30, 2014, public communities of Orkut will be stored in a searchable public archive. Before closing, a user can delete his contributions which he does not want to archive or delete all by removing Orkut from Google Account.


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