Ericsson gets 5 Gbps over next-gen 5G test network

Ericsson gets 5 Gbps over next-gen 5G test network

Technologies for 5G networks are actively preparing in the laboratories of telecom equipment and one of the largest, Ericsson announces reaching speeds of 5Gbps with pre-5G equipment.

Standards for mobile networks of fifth generation (5G) are not officially defined, but the technologies that underpin are already studied in the laboratory for the first lettings of 2020.

The economic stakes are enormous and Europe account find themselves at the forefront in this field and provide the technology and equipment of mobile networks over the next decade, after having missed the boat with 4G.

The Swedish telecom equipment Ericsson is actively working on the issue and announced that he already reached speeds of 5Gbps with equipment pre-5G on its website Kista (Sweden), in collaboration with Asian operators NTT DoCoMo and SK Telecom.

Because if the 4G mobile achieves speeds of several hundred Mbps, 5G should surpass the Gbps to meet the huge increase in mobile data consumption on networks worldwide.

To achieve this rate, Ericsson has used the multi-antenna MIMO technology combined with a new type of radio interface for managing larger bandwidths on higher frequencies and shorter latency, all served by special equipment designed for 5G trials.

Ericsson said that if the technical framework is to be finalized (choice of technologies and frequencies), its experiments already give an idea of ​​what will be done with a ultra mobile broadband network.


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