Zebronics launches MicroDrum+ 2.1 multimedia speaker set

Zebronics launches MicroDrum+ 2.1 multimedia speaker set

Top Notch Infotronix, India’s leading supplier of computer peripherals and Consumer Electronics under the brand ‘ZEBRONICS' has launched its latest 2.1 multimedia speaker set, the MicroDrum+.  A star addition to the Company’s extensive line-up of speakers, one of the widest range in the industry, the new MicroDrum+ model features 3” driver for woofer and 2” drivers for satellites which gives good frequency response.

The Zebronics Micro Drum+ speaker set, despite its small size, delivers crisp, clear sound and good bass due to its powered subwoofer with 3” driver. The combo outputs 10W (RMS) with a signal-to-noise ratio ≥85.  The speaker system can take audio input from any sound source such as laptops, mobile phones or media players via a standard accessory cable connected into its 3.5mm aux jack. In addition, for the first time a multimedia speaker system in this category provides a memory card slot and USB port, enabling it to play audio directly from SD/MMC cards or USB flash devices. Capability to tune and play FM radio has also been added.

Available in a trendy design and housed in glossy black cabinets with an elegant red trim around the drivers that add to its aesthetic appeal, while easy access to the controls is provided by locating the volume controls (separate for sub-woofer and satellites) and power button on the top of the sub-woofer, along with the memory card and USB slots.

“Whether used as a standalone music system, or to accessories media player or to complement a laptop, the rich sound of the Zebronics Micro Drum+ will bring a new level of affordable performance to the speaker market,” said Pradeep Doshi, Director Sales at Top Notch.  “With its trendy design, the Micro Drum+ is a fitting accessory for the table-top of any music lover.”

Attractively priced, in keeping with the Company’s dedication to quality at value prices, the Micro Drum+ is now available at a price of Rs 999/- including one year warranty from any of Zebronics partners in major markets, or from the Company’s e-commerce site and other leading consumer-IT stores and on-line vendors.


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