Microsoft rolls out Nokia X 1.2 Software Update

Microsoft rolls out Nokia X 1.2 Software Update

The first Nokia X smartphones running Android operating system receives a software update. Here are the new features and enhancements done in the phone.

Although the range of Nokia X smartphones running Android has been disappeared (same fate for mobile devices under Asha S40) to support the Windows Phone ecosystem, the support of the first models still exists. As announced on the official website of the brand, the owners of the first models, those baptized X, X+ and XL , are being in fact given a software update.

With this, it is the first issue of a new manager to make multitasking easier and closure of open applications. The opening of the tool is achieved through a shift from low to high before tapping a dedicated button, and closing with a cross-shaped icon.

With it, Microsoft Services are in the spotlight because it is now preinstalled. You'll run Outlook for e-mail (with a multi-account management, push and sync with the calendar), OneNote for taking notes (with the ability to sync up to 500 notes) and OneDrive for storage in line.

Note also the improvements to search and download applications and games from the Nokia store, and the integration of alternative stores for more content. Not forgetting to mention the new search widget at the home that enables rapid application discovery and download with one click on the screen.

The update will be done via OTA (On The Air),  with the help of Wi-Fi. We are now waiting to see if it can be downloaded automatically by going to "About" in the settings of the phone.


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