PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 1.75 version adds 3D Blu-Ray support

PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 1.75 version adds 3D Blu-Ray support

While Microsoft announced that the update of its Xbox One in August that would finally allow players to enjoy the content of their Blu-Ray 3D, Sony is pushing the update with the 1.75 Firmware as well.

One week after the last day of its 1.74 on PlayStation 4, Sony already released the 1.75 firmware to its next-generation console.

A very short time between the two outputs can be explained by Microsoft's announcement indicating the arrival of the support of 3D Blu-Ray on the Xbox One next month.

There is no way for Sony to leave a step ahead with its American competitor, the firm thus also integrates the management of 3D Blu-ray support on the console on the sidelines of some other news.

Here is the list of new features and fixes provided by this firmware:
– Blu-ray 3D™ compatibility is now assured.
– The sound quality was improved during fast playback (1.5x) videos on Blu-ray Disc and DVD.
– Messages systems that appeared far top right of the screen are now displayed at the top left of the screen.
– The [proposed Content] has been added to the menu (Settings)> [System]> [Downloads and downloads upstream automatic]. When this option is enabled, the proposed PlayStation Store content is downloaded while the PS4™ system is on or in standby mode automatically. To download in standby mode, activate the [Connect to the Internet] under (Settings)> [Settings Power Management]> [Set features available in standby mode].

Note that it is possible to download the official firmware from one of the official servers to perform the update via USB.


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