Jurassic Park: Aftermath unprecedented images

Jurassic Park: Aftermath unprecedented images

Still under development by a developer, the Jurassic Park: Aftermath will offer new images that highlight the performance of the graphics engine that is used called CryEngine.

Designed by one person, Jurassic Park: Aftermath looks like a game that will take the world of famous film by Steven Spielberg. Exploiting the graphics engine of CryEngine by studio Crytek, the project is progressing in small steps because of the very low numbers.

However, the designer has recently released new images of its game rendering in the current state of design. The sets have already a certain richness in terms of modeling and textures. Previously in these columns, the first modeled raptors were highlighted.

Recall that the purpose of the game is to be an open world FPS on PC, meaning that a relatively large work is done, provided at the size of the island. The question is whether the game will receive a finalized version by the developer.


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