Gmail starts recognizing Email Addresses with Non-Latin Characters

Gmail starts recognizing Email Addresses with Non-Latin Characters

Google now recognizes email addresses with different accents and non-Latin characters.

This week, Google announced its gmail support for characters with accents or non-Latin characters in mail addresses. The Mountain View company explains implementing a standard introduced by the Internet Engineering Task Force in 2012.

"To make this standard a reality, every email provider and every website that asks for your email address must be adopted. […] The technology is there but someone must take the first step," wrote Pedro Chaparro Monferrer, a software engineer at Google.

It's the first step that aims to make Gmail more timidly but the announcement leaves first heard. For now, the support is confined to sending an email to an address containing accented or non-Latin, or receiving an email from such an address.

It is not possible to create a Gmail account with an address of this nature. A matter of time because Google says it wants to go in that direction, without announcing a timetable.


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