Apple Watch apps to be installed via companion iPhone app

Apple Watch apps to be installed via companion iPhone app

Apple continues to communicate about its next flagship: the Apple Watch connected, and now we learn how to run the installation of applications on the Watch.

Ariel Adams, creator and editor of the blog ABlogToWatch would have had an opportunity to test Apple's Watch for several hours and found the scenes of a part of how Apple Watch works.

Thus, the Watch will not be truly independent, and it will go through a dedicated application installed on an iPhone to make some adjustments, but also allow it to install applications. If you thought that the simple clock synchronization with your iPhone would be sufficient to reach a market of apps from the screen of the watch, you might be disappointed.

For added comfort, it will download the apps from the App Store from an iPhone or iPad before transferring to the Watch. The dedicated application of the watch will set all its parameters.

What is interesting against is how Apple addressed the iPhone/Watch duo to maximize the life of its smartwatch. Apple demonstrated the new embedded processor in its iPhone 6 including its ability to adapt its energy consumption.

An asset for the iPhone 6 since the latter also uses to treat some of the most complex calculations of the Watch. In other words, when an application is too complex or resource intensive, the smartphone will treat the information before sending the data to the watch, a kind of calculation processing relocated in short.

Not until the beginning of 2015 to see how the duo will actually work.


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