App Store: 3 billion downloads in 18 months

In a short press release, Apple announced that the 3 billion downloads of mobile applications on the App Store has just been crossed.

Nothing can resist the strategy of mobile applications of Apple. Having passed the milestone of 100 000 software available on the download portal, the App Store, even if this statement deserves to be analyzed in greater depth is another limit that has been crossed.

The U.S. group announced in effect that the App Store has generated 3 billion downloads since its launch in July 2008, confirming that the users of iPhone AND iPod Touch widely explored this feature, since reiterated by all market players mobile telephony.

No slowdown for the App Store
Note that the announcement came the day wisely Google has unveiled the Nexus One smartphone produced by HTC, the search giant is launching in the direct distribution terminals.

Apple recalls as he remains a leader in the segment of mobile applications and ergonomics of its terminal continues to work miracles. Nothing is said about the profitability of the portal, the most downloaded free applications consisting of or the actual rate of use of downloaded software, which can be erased just as quickly as they were recovered.

It is announced that these values reflect a genuine interest of users for the App Store, which constitutes an element of seduction to help sell its mobile products, while its central character and consistency of hardware platforms continue Playing in his favor on visibility.


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