Microsoft offers a discount of 50% to SMEs for upgradation

Microsoft offers the opportunity for SMEs to migrate to the latest versions of Windows and Office as part of a discount of 50% which covers the N-2 versions.

Microsoft announced a global offer for small and medium businesses with computer network is composed of 5 to 250 computers. This offer is part of program acquisition volume license subscription: Open Value Subscription.

The Redmond company talking about a first, indicating that the delivery of up to 50% (first installment) for an update, covering the N-2 versions of the Windows operating system and Office suite in their professional publishing. Usually, this discount applies to retail prices of existing licenses to the current version (N) or previous (N-1).

Until June 30, 2010, and are eligible for an upgrade at half price to Windows 7 Professional Edition, not only Windows Vista Business but also Windows XP Pro. In the case of an upgrade to Office, the launch date of Office 2010 is taken into account. The upgrade at a reduced price covers Office 2003 and Office XP (to Office 2007) before the launch of Office 2010 and Office 2007 and 2003 (to Office 2010) after.


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