Apple might have sold 69M iPhones at the end of 2014 breaking all records

Apple might have sold 69M iPhones at the end of 2014 breaking all records

The indices accumulate around a real success of the iPhone at the end of the year 2014. An analyst notes the possibility of a new sales record of 69 million devices passed.

Various surveys and reports began to emerge on smartphone sales over the period of the year-end holidays and these elements suggest that the Apple iPhone has passed very well, taking advantage of its path to greater screen sizes with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The study by Kantar WorldPanel Comtech that was released yesterday suggests a firm grip of the iPhone's market share in Europe and the United States at the expense of Android and perhaps helped by the trampling of the global leader Samsung, attacked from all sides by competition.

And according to a note produced by UBS analyst, there is a new record volume which is expected at Apple for the end of the year with an expectation of covering 69.3 million iPhones sold.

Even with a consensus of Wall Street analysts rather on 65.5 million units, this would be a nice increase from the previous record last year in the same period, which was 51 million units shipped in one quarter.

Apple Insider brings in some measure by recalling that analysts estimates for the fourth quarter last year were overestimated by several million units, but the fact remains that the group of Cupertino is on track to beat its quarterly record.

On 27 January Apple will present its quarterly financial report covering the end of 2014. Observers expect that China alone absorbed more than a third of the volume, against less quarter last year.


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