Windows 10 pics displayed on Lumia 925

Windows 10 pics displayed on Lumia 925

Microsoft continues to test the next edition of Windows, and leaks keep coming for the mobile version of the OS, which is now displayed on a Lumia 925.

Leaks on the mobile version of Windows 10 keeps coming for several days, and a user of the Baidu platform now offers us an overview of the opeeating system installed on a Lumia 925.

Earlier, the site Ithome, introduced new application to record voice memos and publish them by email or via the cloud service OneDrive and a virtual trackpad for precise cursor control.

This time, we discover a reworked version of PowerPoint and a splash screen that is reminiscent of CyanogenMod and a menu screen for which the tiles have been redesigned for more customization.

This would still be a question of display tiles making the success of Windows Phone, but the user can now manage the level of transparency.

The preview of Windows 10 mobile should be deployed in the coming days, under the same conditions as the currently proposed on PC.


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