Samsung introduces IceTouch and MyFit PMPs

Samsung has unveiled two PMPs that will be showcased at the CES this
week. The IceTouch (YP-H1) is the world’s first PMP to sport a
transparent display. IceTouch has a 2-inch color AMOLED screen that
supports touch feedback. Samsung claims the screen has been created
using a dual-injection molding process and tempered glass that results
in a smooth and scratch-proof surface.

On the features front, the IceTouch comes with TouchWiz Sweep UI and
support various multimedia formats including FLAC, MP3HD, DivX/Xvid,
H.264 etc. IceTouch also has DNSe 3.0 and 5.1-channel sound enhancement

For fitness freaks, Samsung’s got MyFit (YP-W1), a portable media
player integrating wellness management tools. In addition to allow
users to enjoy music, MyFit keeps a check on body fat levels, stress
etc. with the help of accelerometer, fat and stress sensors. It also
comes with two additional applications like water intake manager and
smoking cessation utility.

Both the players will come in 8 and 16GB storage capacities and are expected to arrive in first half of this year.


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