Google will soon launch its Mobile Service

Google will soon launch its Mobile Service

Google was present at the show in Barcelona and at a conference, Sundar Pichai described the intentions of the company in the mobile phone sector, as operator.

The Wall Street Journal spoke in January about it as a rumor, finally it is well founded: Yes, Google has every intention of becoming a mobile operator in the United States.

Sundar Pichai, Google product manager confirmed the information at a conference by stating that the service should be available in the coming months.

Google does not want to install its own infrastructure, but will be in the form of an MVNO, a virtual operator that will use the network of antennas installed by other US operators. Negotiations are underway with T-Mobile and Sprint.

The objective appears to innovate in the mobile phone number of levels by Google. The brand has already demonstrated its capabilities through various partnerships giving rise to the devices of the Nexus range. Taking hold of the network, Google could better support the user in its own ecosystem and propose new services.

Note that the two operating systems, Google could offer the best existing coverage in the US at present. Enhanced status by Google's ambition to succeed in combining the network of 4G and Wi-Fi.


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