Retailers got More Communications Choices With Motorola’s New Lightweight, Wearable Push-to-talk devices

Affordable voice solutions transform the customer experience by extending real-time communications access to all associates .

Motorola, Inc. has expanded its integrated voice portfolio with the new CLP two-way radios and TEAM badge voice-over-wireless LAN (VoWLAN) push-to-talk (PTT) device (EWB100), bringing new levels of portability and affordability to mobile voice and enabling organizations to extend the benefits of wireless communications throughout the enterprise. These extremely compact, lightweight, easy-to-use devices are purpose-built for task-based retail associates, helping to enable faster response times and higher productivity – ultimately improving customer service, satisfaction and retention. And as retailer needs differ from store to store, Motorola’s expanded portfolio of voice solutions offers a broad choice of technologies to help ensure organizations can provide high-quality communications over two-way radio or VoWLAN – or both.

“Motorola continues to demonstrate its rich history of innovation with an unrivaled portfolio of voice solutions for retailers – helping them meet the varying needs and demands of customers,” said Frank Riso, senior director of retail solutions, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions. “Motorola now offers more flexibility than any other vendor in the marketplace, safeguarding customer investments and eliminating a customer’s constraint to a single technology. In addition, Motorola has the unique ability to provide voice connectivity across different technologies such as two-way radios, mobile computers and TEAM VoWLAN via the TEAM Radio Link Solution, so work teams can communicate instantly even when using different devices.”

A Voice Solution That Combines Productivity and Style
Motorola’s CLP two-way radio is uniquely designed for comfort, durability and ease of use – providing reliable, instant PTT communication in demanding retail, restaurant and hospitality environments. This off-the-shelf, ready-to-deploy solution also eliminates infrastructure requirements. Empowering retail and hospitality associates with real-time access to information to transform the customer experience, the CLP can be used both indoors and outdoors. And, when paired with the new Motorola RPX Portable Repeater, it provides users with increased coverage to ensure consistent uninterrupted communication.

Providing a unique combination of style and function, the sleek CLP reinvents the traditional two-way radio by including only the essential elements – offering the versatility necessary to meet the demanding needs of customer requests. The CLP can be used for requesting a price-check on the retail floor, coordinating hotel employees to instantly respond to concierge or housekeeping requests or assisting diners to the correct seat at a busy restaurant. Measuring the size of a standard business card, CLP is the smallest and lightest two-way radio in its class. Simple one-button PTT operation provides rapid response times and superior customer service. And Bluetooth technology gives you the freedom to move around without wires to tangle or hold you back. The CLP series is designed for discreet communications. Paired with a comfortable earpiece, CLP’s clear, strong audio performance and voice-driven menus allow associates to stay connected, reduce errors and respond quickly to other team members or customer demands without disturbing the customer. And for added reliability, CLP also offers extended battery life, providing up to 18 hours of service.

Mobilizing Task Workers Throughout the WLAN with Voice Connectivity
Motorola’s TEAM badge (EWB100) mobilizes communications by meeting customer demand for high quality PTT voice connectivity over the enterprise WLAN to mobile workers. Simple to use and weighing less than two ounces, the new EWB100 VoWLAN device streamlines task management and improves productivity – allowing associates to address issues, answer questions, obtain a task or report completion of a task right on the spot. Working over the enterprise WLAN, the EWB100 is IP addressable, enabling integration with IP-based applications. With Motorola’s proven voice technology, it offers high-quality specifications for volume, echo/noise suppression and battery life. The EWB100 also features the TEAM Express voice client, creating instant interoperability with other TEAM Express devices, including a wide range of Motorola voice-enabled mobile computers, TEAM VoWLAN devices and two-way radios (with TEAM Radio Link Solution), to extend communications and the return on investment.

The EWB100 is easy to deploy, integrating with existing WLAN infrastructure without servers or PBX integration and creating cost-efficient PTT communications for up to 32 talk groups. The ability to create integrated cross-functional workgroups helps ensure supervisors and employees can easily reach each other, improving operational and workforce efficiencies.

Motorola’s Proven Versatility and Reliability
Built to withstand the rigors of everyday use in fast-paced retail and hospitality establishments, both the CLP two-way radio and TEAM badge provide reliable voice communications throughout the enterprise with no monthly fees. Both devices are durable and can withstand inevitable drops, exposure to liquid spills, dust and wipe downs.

Providing flexibility and freedom, the CLP two-way radio and TEAM badge offer several comfortable wear options and proven audio accessories to give users the comfort and freedom to match their style and workplace environment. Both devices provide retail and hospitality associates with convenient access to voice communications when and where they need it – while allowing enterprise organizations to equip mobile workforces with a choice of small and compact devices to get the job done.

Both the single- and four-channel CLP models are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2010 – with a Bluetooth model expected to be available in the second half of 2010. The TEAM badge is available in North America immediately.



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