Windows backup recovery tool now works with Windows 7 also

SysTools BKF Repair version 4.3 supports the latest Windows version
also i.e. this Windows backup recovery tool now works with Windows 7

Microsoft has been persistently developing a series of Windows
Operating System versions for use on various computer systems. Windows
7 is the latest public release version of MS Windows that reached
general public on October 22, 2009 – less than 3 years after the
release of Windows Vista, the predecessor of Windows 7. SysTools BKF
Repair software latest version 4.3 supports Windows 7 also, besides the
previous Windows versions.

Good news for the users is that this latest version 4.3 can be bought
at the same price as that of the prior version i.e. $89 for the
Personal License and $180 for the Business License.

SysTools always try to be a step ahead in technical advancements and
try to bring out advanced versions of its software tools to match the
advancing needs of users. With the development of Windows 7, SysTools
realized that now people will start using Windows 7 and thus many users
might now need Windows 7 backup recovery tools i.e. backup recovery
software supporting Windows 7. The latest version 4.3 of SysTools BKF
Repair tool supports Windows 7 also. So, Windows 7 users can also
restore windows BKF data using this Windows backup recovery tool.


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