24GB HyperX Kits Launched By Kingston Technology

Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the
independent world leader in memory products, today announced it is
shipping the largest HyperX DDR3 memory kits to date. Users of the
Intel Core i7 and X58 platforms can now take their systems to the
memory extreme with Kingston’s 1600MHz 24GB HyperX kit made up of six 4GB modules. For Core i5, P55 chipset enthusiasts, Kingston has released a 1600MHz kit 16GB kit of four 4GB modules to take full advantage of dual-channel performance.

"We are pleased to make available the largest HyperX memory kits
ever for the prosumers, multimedia pro or super enthusiast who wants
everything," said Mark Tekunoff, senior
technology manager, Kingston. "Users working with the latest operating
systems like Windows 7 can keep multiple programs open, run memory
intensive video or photo applications, or run numerous virtual machines
using 24GB or 16GB of DDR3 HyperX memory and create more efficiency and
performance gains than ever before."

The 1600MHz triple- and dual-channel kits are intended for use on
the best motherboards on the market from top makers such as Asus and
Gigabyte. A video of the 24GB HyperX kit in action can be found at youtube.


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