Freecom Introduced New Network Media Center with Storage Capacity of 2TB

Freecom, an award-winning manufacturer of external hard drives and portable storage devices, today launched the ‘Network Media Center’, a simple to use, dedicated 3.5” network storage drive that reliably stores up to 2TB of data from an entire network in one central location. The Network Media Center makes it easy for multiple users on the same network to download and stream movies and TV programmes as well as store and access photos, music and other multimedia content from any PC that is connected to the network in their home.

Complete with a built-in BitTorrent client, the Network Media Center enables users to download and share large multimedia files across a network quickly and easily. Users can organise their data and control access to specific files by assigning individual usernames and passwords – ensuring that their individual content remains secure and segregated at all times.
The Network Media Center puts users within easy reach of their files wherever they are with a secure remote access option. The ability to access multimedia content while on the move makes sharing information with family and friends easier than ever before – the Network Media Center puts up to 2,000 movies stored in the DivX or AVI format, 400,000 MP3s, 1,336,000 digital photos or 440 full DVD movies at users’ fingertips anywhere, anytime.

“With more and more multimedia applications being used every day – from music downloads to photos and movies – computer users need an easy way to manage large amounts of data,” said Axel Lucassen, managing director at Freecom. “Many people have avoided network drives in the past because they were notoriously complicated to setup and install, but our new Network Media Center is easy to use in any environment, enabling a better digital entertainment experience. For home users in particular this is ideal, as everyone has their own drive for their own files and it’s easy for everyone to access at the same time, without having to keep track of multiple hard drives lying around the house.” Ideal for those who need to extend or back up their existing storage without installing multiple devices, the Network Media Center takes up minimal room with its compact 15.5 x 14.8 x 4.3cm measurements. The drive connects directly to a network router or switch, and simple installation software makes it easy for users to set up in minutes.

The Network Media Center’s heat-absorbing aluminium enclosure combines functionality with style. The temperature-controlled dual ball bearing cooling fan system prevents the drive from overheating, and the unit runs quietly with low power consumption.

Freecom also announced the launch of the new ‘Network Storage Center’, the latest in its line of enterprise network storage drives that is ideal for bringing all the convenience of centralised storage and segregated filing to office environments. Environmentally-conscious users also have the option to save energy by adjusting the downtime of the drive to best suit their usage needs.



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