CCSG unveils “Click-To-Dial” and “Screen Pop” Features

CCSG, Inc., The industry leader in Telecommunications and IT
services is happy to announce the release of two new products for the
Small To Medium sized Business (SMB) market. Demand for increased
productivity by Sales Agents and Customer Service personnel inspired
the development of these new cutting-edge applications.

“Click-To-Dial” The click to dial application offers users a way to
simply call any prospect or customer without having to manually dial
the phone handset. The user simply highlights a number, and selects the
option to dial the number. The system then automatically dials the
selected number for the Sales person or CSR thereby eliminating the
need to manually dial.

“Screen Pop” A customer record “pops” on the users computer screen
as an incoming call is received. The on-screen caller ID pop-up feature
will look at the caller ID for incoming calls, reference that number
against a database such as QuickBooks, a CRM application etc. and pull
up the information that is associated with the number calling in. As
long as there is a record in the database being accessed, the
information will appear on the users screen immediately.

Both applications greatly benefit customer service and sales
departments that may use a web based lead management or CRM system such
as Sugar or Lead Mailbox. It can also be linked into Quickbooks to pull
customer information. Both are available NOW with any new TVS VOIP
Business Phone system or as an upgrade for existing customers.

For more information on these and other products available from CCSG, please visit


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