RAS Infotech declares its partnership with iViZ Security to launch On-demand Security Testing Service

Infotech, a leading IT distributor, providing complete Network Security
and Network Management Solutions in the Middle East and Africa, today
announced its partnership in the region with iViZ Security to launch
unique on demand penetration testing solution that helps protect web
applications and network from critical threats.

Today, companies find it challenging to manage information security to
protect themselves from hackers. This is made severe by alarmingly
large number of new vulnerability discoveries every year. In 2008
alone, over 7000 new vulnerabilities were discovered – many of which
did not have vendor patches for months. This, along with the complexity
of regulatory compliance such as PCI, ISO 27001 etc., put considerable
pressure on companies in managing the security of their network and web

RAS Infotech, in partnership with iViZ Security, helps companies solve
this critical problem with its new proactive on-demand security testing
offering for networks and applications. This unique on-demand
penetration testing solution helps identify all critical threats in
your IT infrastructure and fix them.

Explaining the importance of this solution for companies, Bikash Barai,
CEO of iViZ Security said “Customers find it time consuming and
expensive to conduct periodic security tests using traditional methods.
iViZ solution (ivizsecurity.com) solves this problem because they can
now conduct security tests on-demand on any part of their network or
application and find out its health and fix issues immediately. Our
solution accelerates the test process while increasing the depth of
coverage by finding the attack paths that are often missed out.”

Khazi Mohamed Akram, General Manager of RAS Infotech Limited said,
“Award winning IVIZ penetration Test service will protect the
investments made by companies on their Security Infrastructure by
giving them insight in to security gaps and help them to mitigate the
risks to their IT infrastructure.” He further said,” IVIZ penetration
tests will also add to our bouquet of security solutions and enable us
to offer broader range of solutions to our customers.”

Talking about the partnership with RAS Infotech, Barai added, “RAS
Infotech, as a distributor has brought an innovative offering to Middle
East market. Companies realize that it’s very important to prevent
security breaches proactively and now RAS Infotech’s customers can
leverage iViZ’s unique Artificial Intelligence based technology, On
Demand Penetration Testing (SaaS based) and Hybrid Testing for
Comprehensive Coverage to stay secure from emerging new threats”.


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