Portable Audio Docking Stations can use DTS Envelo Technology which is now Available in NeoFidelity’s Platform Solutions

Global audio technology leader DTS, Inc. announced today at CES that DTS Envelo Speaker and DTS Envelo
Headphone technologies are now available in NeoFidelity’s IC solutions
for docking station products. DTS Envelo technology offers owners of
portable audio devices (such as iPod and iPhone) a boost in sound
quality and surround sound effects with input audio sources ranging
from mono, stereo, to 5.1 multi-channel. With DTS Envelo featured
docking stations, compressed audio can be transformed with clearly
defined vocals and crisp high and low frequencies that create an
immersive surround experience for consumers.

“DTS is passionate about providing top-notch audio to consumers,” says
David Tan, Vice President, Product Management, DTS, Inc. “More people
use and enjoy portable audio devices than any other technology out
there. We are thrilled to provide this vast market with a superior
audio experience.”

NeoFidelity, the worldwide leading supplier of full-digital audio
amplifier ICs for the FPTV (Flat Panel TV) market, is now ready to
provide the NMP-5000 series IC solution, a highly optimized digital
audio amplifier with DTS Envelo Speaker and DTS Envelo Headphone
technologies. With the introduction of the NMP-5000 series ICs,
NeoFidelity’s primary target is the iPod docking station market even
though they can still be applied to a variety of other consumer
audio/video products.

“We believe that there are tremendous opportunities in the iPod docking
station market as it is one of the fastest growing product segments
every year,” says Ducksoo Lee, CEO of NeoFidelity. “NeoFidelity will
preoccupy this market with its NMP-5000 series, the world’s first
digital audio amplifier IC platform including DTS Envelo Speaker and
DTS Envelo Headphone technologies.”

To experience DTS technologies in person, visit the DTS Booth (#20907)
during regular CES hours, located in the South Hall.


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