Pro Cycling Manager – Tour De France 2010 Gets Unveiled

Unsurprisingly, Cyanide and Focus are to formalize the imminent arrival of a new album in the series of Pro Cycling Manager. The new episode, stamped 2010, has not yet exact date, but no doubt that its marketing more or less coincide with next year’s Tour de France.

For now only announced for PC, Pro Cycling Manager – Tour De France 2010 course will take the elements that made the success of the previous components, but Cyanide and Focus insist on complete graphic redesign produced by the development studio. A new graphics engine "more beautiful, more powerful" was developed and it is for the publisher of "the most important milestones since the inception of the series."

Through a statement, Focus talks about "photo-realistic textures in high resolution," a new vegetation management ", an" ambient lighting reworked "and" gigantic environments. The news does not stop there and there is a particular issue new game mode "season" to create its own competitions, new challenges and a new editor steps that can be associated with Google Maps to create "its steps based on real places in the world."

All elements Cyanide and Focus are sure to be detailed in coming weeks, but until then the two friends leave us with a first series of catches.


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