International Calling Rates of CiCi Calling Card decreased

CiCi Calling Card rates for calls to India go down from 4.4 c/min to 3.3 c/min. Rates to India- Mobile and some major cities are now 2.9c/min. Rates to Pakistan go down from 15.6 c/min to 11.9 c/min. Rates to Bangladesh from 7.6 c/min to 6.1 c/min, Dhaka from 5.7 c/min to 5.0 c/min, Jamaica from 12.5 c/min to 10.7 c/min. The deep rate cut for calls to Middle East, Asia, Europe, Australia and many other overseas destinations.

Customers who purchased the CiCi phone card prior to the rate decrease will be automatically given the new rates as of January 8th.

"This long awaited rate reductions is the deepest cut in international calling rates for the last year. Consumers will now be able to talk longer without compromising call quality and still with no extra fees," said Jane Hanson, director of marketing, Ontario Phone Cards.

Consumers may purchase CiCi Phone Card online at Ontario Phone Cards or in many retail outlets ranging from convenience stores (Mac’s and 7-Eleven) to gas stations (Shell and Petro Canada).

CiCi remains most popular and reputable calling card on Canadian market since 1999. It is one of the few calling cards, which offers competitive rates and has no hidden charges of any kind. CiCi phone card could be used from any location in Canada; card has access numbers in most cities as well as toll free access number. Unlike other phone cards, CiCi toll free access provides the same rates as when using local access numbers.


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