Plug&Score 2010 released by Alyuda Research

Alyuda Research, one of the world’s leading developers of data mining software based on Artificial Intelligence, today announced the immediate availability of a new version of its credit scorecard development software, Plug&Score 2010, specially designed for financial institutions.

Plug&Score 2010 has a very user friendly interface, and all the scientific details are hidden inside the application. The software allows using the most advanced technology without the necessity to spend much time on getting familiar with the credit scoring process.

Plug&Score 2010 includes several new features in addition to performance enhancements. Windows 7 is now supported. Manual binning has been improved. Easy reports management has been added.

With Plug&Score , there are only 3 steps to get a scorecard:

  1. Analyze Portfolio
  2. Select Variables
  3. Create Scorecard

Plug&Score approach guarantees seamless and customized integration, so customers will get exactly the solution that suits them best and will be fully transparent to their current business flow.
In the end, client needs just Plug the integrated scorecard and Score every his customer automatically with correct statistics gathered for future scorecard monitoring.
From now on, with Plug&Score solution, fast and easy-to-use scorecard development software is instantly accessible to a wide range of businesses.


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