Griffin to introduce its new accessories for Iphone

Griffin has announced nine new products for iPhones and iPods at CES 2010. The iFM is an FM radio receiver which attaches to the dock connector of an Apple handheld. With a clickwheel iPod it activates embedded Apple radio control software, while on an iPhone or iPod touch, Griffin’s free iFM Radio Controller app is required. It features user presets, and can tag songs for buying on iTunes. The iFM is due in March for $40.
Griffin’s Hands-Free Mic with Audio Cable combines a 35-inch stereo audio cable with a microphone setup. Clicking the cable’s inline switch once answers an incoming call, which plays through a car’s speakers; the mic picks up a user’s voice, and a second click ends the call. It works with the iPhone 3G or 3GS, and requires iPhone OS 3.0. The new cable is set to arrive in March for $30.

The TuneJuice Universal is Griffin’s new AA battery-operated iPhone charger. It takes three AA batteries and charges an iPhone over its USB connector, adding up to 2.25 hours of extra talk time. It is due in stores later in January with a price of $30. The PowerJolt Plus is a 12V DC car charger for the iPhone that features a passthrough 12V socket for an additional device. It is expected in March for $30.

The RoadTrip
is an iPhone/iPod car cradle with a built-in FM transmitter. It can find the clearest FM frequencies via SmartScan technology and supports RDS car displays with track information. It plugs into a vehicle’s 12V outlet for power and integrates with an iTrip Controller app. An updated model is due in February at a price of $90. A second upgraded FM transmitter, the iTrip Auto, also has SmartScan and RDS support, and includes a mono/stereo switch. It uses a charging cable with inline controls, and also supports iTrip Controller. April shipment is expected with a pricetag of $70.

The TuneFlex AUX is a car cradle and charger with an auxiliary audio output for cars with matching inputs. It is due in March for $60. The PowerJolt SE is a car charger with a 7-foot cable and an LED status indicator. It ships in March for $20.

The last of the new iPhone and iPod products is the AeroSport for iPhone, a new armband with a pouch for carrying a key. Access to an iPhone’s display and headphone jack is left open. The AeroSport will ship later this month for $20.

Griffin has meanwhile announced a new Mac accessory, the Video Display Converter, a Mini DisplayPort adapter. It connects to both DVI and HDMI displays, supporting resolutions up to 2500×1600. It will ship in January for $40.


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