Trace Technologies unveils LoadTracer Testing Tool

LoadTracer is a
Testing Tool mainly developed for the purpose of determining the
performance of the system or application by doing the load, stress and
performance testing. It is a user-friendly testing tool developed by
Trace technologies (P) Ltd

Everyone like to
have their application or system to be correct, complete, quality and
secure. This is only for the purpose of making their application to
perform well at their requirements. But the fact is people trying to
maintain the quality of their application but in the busy world, they
lack in determine their application performance.
For this it needs a special tool to determine the performance of the
application even at the extreme condition. This can be achieved by
having a special testing tool that helps to find the speed of the
application by applying the virtual load, which could be also able to
attain the action at the most limited situation.

If you looking for a
special testing tool that helps to determine the speed of a system
perform under a specific workload, also make your system to perform
well in the highest condition by assigning the virtual load to your

The LoadTracer
testing tool ( can only achieve the same that mainly do
the process of load testing, stress testing and performance testing. It
is a user-friendly testing tool that does the testing by recording the
script and checks them with hundreds of virtual users.

This way of testing helps easily to find the ability of the application
under load. This testing tool also helps to verify and validate the
other quality features of the system such as reliability, scalability
and resource usage.It is the right time for you to get the LoadTracer
testing tool that assist you to do the load testing, performance
testing and stress testing and enhance the quality of your application
and succeed in your business.


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