Fund Watch for iPhone is now displays fund prices from Fundsupermart India also

Fund Watch is now able to display historical fund prices from
Fundsupermart India. This new capability is available as a free update
to all existing Fund Watch customers and may be downloaded at the
iTunes App Store. New Fund Watch users will also get this new feature
upon downloading. Fund Watch also continues to support existing
Fundsupermart branches that is Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, in
addition to India.

Fund Watch is an application software that allows you to quickly glance
your Fundsupermart mutual funds’ performance via an iPhone or iPod
touch. It draws historical price graph of the customer’s funds and
caches the data thus minimizing download waiting times and reducing
data traffic costs.

Fund Watch is the continuation of Fundsupermart Widget, a Mac OS X
Dashboard Widget for monitoring Fundsupermart Singapore fund prices.
Fundsupermart Widget is based on Apple’s iStock widget and available as
a free download.

Fund Watch is developed by Basil Salad Software, a pico ISV offering a
number of iPhone and iPod touch applications. Apart from Fund Watch,
Basil Salad Software also provides these applications for the iPhone :
• Air Kill – fly a large airplane and catch birds and toasts with your engines.
• Cubism – re-create beautiful glitches that was present in some first-generation iPhone devices.
• Instant Motivator – rapidly create and share motivational pictures.
• Speech Timer – keep time of your Toastmasters public speeches.


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