Dazzboard 2.0 the best android support device launched

Dazzboard, the ultimate social media webtop, today introduced Dazzboard 2.0, a new cutting-edge online universal media management platform. Dazzboard 2.0 features expanded device compatibility, simplified media management, Dazz Me! Media bookmarks and iTunes access for all portable devices.

Dazzboard 2.0 provides the first full Android application support and advanced features that will help users manage all of their music, images and videos in one cloud webtop from any computer.

Rather than depending on the limited functionality of proprietary software — a different application for each device — Dazzboard provides users with connections to all of their media on a wide variety of platforms: portable devices, PCs, cloud storage and social media networks. And unlike proprietary device management programs, Dazzboard accomplishes this with no downloads and no applications. The user experience is akin to that offered by iTunes, but for all portable devices and with none of the proprietary restrictions that hinder iPhone and iPod users — it’s an Open iTunes.

All-new features include:

— Android application manager
Install applications
Browse applications
Uninstall applications
— iTunes content connectivity
Access iTunes music with non-Mac portable devices and access iTunes
content from multiple devices
— OpenID compatibility
Access Dazzboard with a Google, AOL, Yahoo! or MySpace account
— Enhanced media management
for PC and Internet services, including cloud storage and social media
— Easier to Manage Social Services
Browse your media on the social web as if it was on your PC
Faster photos and video transfers across the social web
— Dazz me!
Create media links while browsing
Dazz me! clicks become your Internet media bookmarks
Easily browse media bookmarks in Dazzboard
Get media from any site, including apps, images, music and video

"Dazzboard 2.0 ushers in a new era for portable device universal media management," commented CEO Tero Salonen. "By opening up our social media webtop to more users and a broader reach for content through OpenID and Dazz Me!, Dazzboard is better than ever at simplifying content management and further utilizing users’ data throughout the social web."

Dazzboard currently supports Windows XP, Vista and 7, Internet Explorer version 6 (XP only), 7 and 8, as well as Firefox 3.X. The company will also release APIs for developers to integrate Dazzboard technology for external websites and develop add-ons to utilize the device connection.


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