guestLINK Connectivity Technology Launched by MGM MIRAGE’s CityCenter Las Vegas

MGM MIRAGE’S CityCenter continues to
embrace revolution by installing guestLINK connectivity devices to
provide visitors with the most revolutionary in-room hotel technology
on the market. CityCenter is an $11+ billion, 68-acre urban metropolis
project located on the Las Vegas Strip.

Nearly 7,000 guestLINK units were installed in guestrooms at the
Mandarin Oriental, ARIA Resort & Casino and Vdara Hotel & Spa
hotels, with plans to install additional units.

Travelers crave access to technology and guestLINK is the answer for
those who use multiple technological devices. For hotel guests, it
means no more searching in vain for an elusive Ethernet connection or
settling for tunes played on the clock radio. Through the guestLINK
console, users may plug in their laptop, DVD or mp3 player, iPod,
personal gaming station, camcorder or digital camera, and enjoy all of
their personal technology devices from the comfort of their hotel room.

guestLINK state-of-the-art technology is the most revolutionary
in-room development to occur in five decades, according to J. Glynn
Gross, CEO of Communications Integrators, Inc. and the manufacturer of
guestLINK. “Not since the late 1950’s, when televisions and air
conditioners were installed in hotels, has an innovation come along
that so dramatically transforms the way guests will spend time in their
rooms,” says Gross.

In addition to enhancing the in-room experience, it stands to reason
that guestLINK may help the hotel to boost its own bottom line.
Research conducted in December 2009 reveals that 37% of hotel guests
who use guestLINK™ will spend more time using their personal
electronics during their stay, creating an opportunity for hotels to
generate additional revenue streams by promoting room service and other
on-site hotel amenities. Guests also indicated an overwhelming
preference for guestLINK over other wannabe connectivity products
available in the market.


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