Email sent to members of the Intel leaks MacBook with Core i5 ahead of official launch

Apple has a very strong
following of customers that wait with baited breath for the next
announcement from the company of new and upgraded products. AppleInsider reports that an email sent around to members of the Intel Retail Edge program has leaked a new version of the MacBook Pro.

The email had a little
banner for a giveaway of couple MacBook Pros sporting the new Intel
Core i5 processor. Those processors have not been announced in the
MacBook officially at this time. The Retail Edge Program from Intel is
reportedly a program that tests retail employees knowledge of Intel
gear allowing them to win chips that can be traded in for gear.

The new Core i5 processors were officially unveiled at CES last
week. Current MacBook Pro notebooks use Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs so the i5
update makes sense. It would seem with the timing of the email that the
Apple event set for later this month will at least feature revamped
MacBooks even if that long rumored tablet isn’t on the agenda.


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