SimGym 1.0 The fitness Application released

Are our country’s six-pack abs the next in line to fall during this Great Recession? To be sure, most fitness experts agree that the guidance of a personal trainer is essential for knowing what exercises to do, how to perform them and can often be all that stands in the way of attaining personal fitness and weight loss goals. However, these days, most people don’t have the budget it takes to hire on a trainer. In fact, fewer and fewer Americans are even able to pay for their monthly gym memberships.

According to the makers of the latest mobile fitness app for the iPhone – SimGym – there’s no reason for even the most cash-strapped fitness freaks to de-evolve into a flabby oblivion. In fact, for scarcely the cost of a PowerBar, just about anyone can afford an on-demand personal trainer. Developed by a team of renowned fitness professionals who are sprinting out of the gate in 2010, SimGym not only demonstrates what exercises to do and how to do them instantly on a handheld device, it also tracks progress for each exercise easily and effectively, allowing the user to spend more time working out and less time thinking about it.

Indeed, ease of use was a major consideration in the development of this iPhone fitness app. "The app does the work, while you lift the weight," said SimGym development team member Kevin Brassell, "and with SimGym’s easy "on the fly" workout capability, anyone can start a routine in seconds."

How SimGym Works:
SimGym combines advanced calculations with ease of use, providing results yet unseen in similar handheld applications. The SimGym trainer app allows users to select from a list of predetermined workouts, customize workouts, or by using the "workout on the fly" option, choose exercises without a predetermined routine. All of the exercises are broken down into muscle group and equipment type, and demonstrated with images and helpful text.

Why SimGym Is Better:
SimGym is the only fitness app available with continually calculating 1 Rep Max and percentage of 1 Rep Max generators. This feature allows users to avoid learning advanced statistics, which is a requirement for those planning to read those charts pasted on the wall at the gym. SimGym is also the only fitness app on the market which allows users to backup their workout data on an encrypted website.

Here, SimGym users can monitor their progress and download workout programs tailored to their specific needs. If users choose to work out with a friend, SimGym will track their progress as well, and gives users the ability to share workouts socially on sites like Facebook and Twitter. SimGym members get more for less – SimGym’s ease of use, together with it’s price – only $2.99, make it the Mr. Universe of all fitness apps.

Device Requirements:
iPhone or iPod touch 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
SimGym 1.0 is only $2.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Healthcare & Fitness category.


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