GuidSIGN 5.1 by Transoft Solution launched

Transoft Solutions, developers of industry leading software for the engineering and architectural communities worldwide, announces the launch of the latest version of the powerfully efficient sign design software, GuidSIGN version 5.1. Compatibility, usability, new fonts, and improved features are key highlights in this newest version of the successful sign design software.

GuidSIGN, a CAD-based WYDIWYG (what you design is what you get) software, gives users the ability to create cutter-ready highway and roadway signs, designed to national, state / provincial, regional, or custom standards in minutes. As a comprehensive, easy-to-use design tool GuidSIGN automates the design process with intelligent object dimensioning and innovative sign template creation tools.

For the newest version of GuidSIGN, platform and operating system compatibility are primary improvements. The updated version supports both AutoCAD 2010 and MicroStation V8i environments in addition to being fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 64 bit operating systems, including Windows 7. Users can be confident of a smooth transition as they upgrade to the most recent CAD platform andor Operating Systems. Moreover, updated compatibility of GuidSIGN also gives users of Transoft Solutions’ SIGMA a seamless productivity enhancement.

Newly included in GuidSIGN 5.1 are the F series library, NY shields, NYSDOT drawing sheets, as well as NYSDOT reports. Complemented with updates to panel styles, exit panels, arrows, and templates. These additions will give sign designers the most powerful, efficient, and cost effective software available.


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