Opsera and The Linux Box teams up

The Linux Box is partnering with Opsera Limited to become an official Opsview reseller in the United States, with the goal of expanding the national presence of this award-winning network and infrastructure monitoring software suite.

Opsview provides comprehensive system management capabilities used to monitor the health of today’s most complex data centers. It enables IT managers to identify and fix issues with their systems before they impact system availability. Opsview enhances the widely used Nagios® monitoring framework by adding many additional configuration, graphing and management capabilities, while remaining 100 percent compatible. Opsview earned the Product Excellence award for Best System Management Tool at LinuxWorld Expo in 2008.

The Linux Box will provide Opsera Enterprise edition subscriptions and services to organizations across the U.S. It will also continue to offer services for the Opsview Community edition.

"The Linux Box has in-depth expertise and an excellent track record in supporting open source applications," noted Michael Walton, CEO and founder of Opsera Limited. "We are experiencing strong customer growth in the U.S. and The Linux Box should help us to tap the full potential of the U.S. network, server and application management market — which industry analysts estimate at $4 billion."

The Linux Box is a bespoke software development consultancy that customizes open source projects for clients across a variety of sectors, providing professional services for organizations looking to gain competitive advantage, reduce IT costs and increase the control they have over their open source technologies.

"We are big advocates of Opsview. Its server software runs on Linux and monitors all common operating systems, applications, databases and networks, delivering significant cost and time savings over proprietary system monitoring software with greater flexibility and integration," said Elizabeth Ziph, CEO and co-founder of The Linux Box.


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