‘Massachusetts Miracle’ Video Goes Viral

A new 90-second video comparing Tuesday’s special election in Massachusetts
to the American Revolution has gone viral on the Internet. Since it was
first introduced four days ago, the video has received more than 75,000
views on YouTube, more than any other video on the election, including
one produced by President Obama in support of Martha Coakley.

The video highlights the fact that the American Revolution began in Massachusetts in 1775 with the battle of Lexington,
where a brave group of Americans fought against a vastly superior
tyrannical government to secure their freedom. The video asserts that Massachusetts
has one again become a front line in the battle to defend liberty and
that Tuesday’s election will be a referendum on this question.

"I believe this video captures the sentiment of a majority of Americans," said Jeff Davis,
the video’s producer. "President Obama and the Democratic majority in
Congress are intent on advancing their agenda regardless of the will of
the people. That is a trait of a tyrannical government which Americans
reject, regardless of their party affiliation. Tuesday’s election could
put a stop to the Obama freight train, including the government
takeover of our health care system."

Hundreds of comments have been logged on the video’s page from
individuals across the nation. One commenter recorded, "To all my
family and friends in Massachusetts
where I was born and raised, now is the time to send a message to the
whole world, we the people are still in control and there are still
many patriots in the place where the fight for liberty began." Another
commenter states, "After 46 years, Massachusetts has the chance to elect a Senator instead of anointing a King."


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